Refuge Chocolate – Tara Mullan

What is Social Enterprise?
What is Social Enterprise?
Refuge Chocolate - Tara Mullan

Refuge Chocolate is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Refuge exists to helpgive people a brighter future through our support of Flourish NI (a Northern Ireland based anti human trafficking charity). Refuge donates proceeds to Flourish.

Refuge Hot Chocolate (now Refuge Chocolate) has been fully operational since 2017 led by Chief Potion Maker Tara Mullan.

‘Not being a tea or coffee drinker I spent many years sampling the hot chocolate drinks throughout Ireland and beyond, never quite getting one that hit the taste buds of howI thought a hot chocolate should taste. Until a few years ago I went skiing in Andora and tasted something that hit the spot. It was strong, thick and had so much taste. More like melted chocolate than theexpensivedish water I was often served incafes.

This awakening must have been filed away in the depths of my brain and came to the fore when I was trying to come up with a solution to financially support a local anti human trafficking charity I volunteer for. Ibriefly tested several ideas of projects to raise finance for the charity. Until one day the name Refuge and hot chocolate literally dropped into my head. This is when I started experimenting with recipes I read about and ones I made up.

Once I got closer to what I thought was a good tasting drink I asked friends to test some and give me feedback. After this I had the recipe for the original chocolate. It’s stillthe same recipe we use today.’

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