Paul Carvill – Healthy Kidz

What is Social Enterprise?
What is Social Enterprise?
Paul Carvill - Healthy Kidz

Healthy Kidz began its journey in 2014 as a coaching organisation delivering fun and engaging physical activity sessions in primary schools throughout Northern Ireland. In 2023, we are the country’s leading outsourced coaching provider.

A holistic health and wellbeing programme such as ours couldn’t be any more pertinent for children and young people across Northern Ireland. Growing obesity rates, physical inactivity and increasing screen times has only been compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic. To combat this, they currently have 50 Physical Activity Leaders that deliver 400 sessions a week across NI to 20,000 children, all striving to meet their aim:

Thousands of children each day go through our PE programme based on the NI PE curriculum. PE sessions are non-sport specific, all-inclusive, and designed and delivered by highly qualified coaches and professionals.

They also run an extensive afterschool programme including Gymnastics, Dance, Karate and Golf as well as all the mainstream sports. The most popular programmes, Sports Club and Fun, Fitness & Games, encapsulates all that they do well at Healthy Kidz; fun, engaging and educational sessions for all who take part.

To help every child achieve their best possible state of health and wellbeing.

Paul is a keen sportsman who has played soccer to professional level in England, and represented his country at all youth levels. Also from a strong
GAA background, playing for his club and county, both to senior level. Founder of Healthy Kidz CIC in 2014, has led the organisation from 1 school to 150, as well being the market leader in NI in terms of providers of School Holiday Camps. During this time Healthy Kidz have been awarded over £1 million of funding to deliver Health and Wellbeing services across a number of sectors, from a range of stakeholders. There are 60 staff currently working for the company.

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