incredABLE – Nigel Hampton

What is Social Enterprise?
What is Social Enterprise?
incredABLE - Nigel Hampton

Want to hear from one of our ‘Social Enterprise Leaders of the Year’? Tune in to hear about the AMAZING work incredABLE do from Nigel.

incredABLE is a voluntary organisation creating meaningful social, recreational, and educational opportunities for people with a learning/intellectual disability and/or autism.

incredABLE individuals are empowered to make choices, discover talents, realise passions, and participate in a community on their own terms. incredABLE deliver projects and services in the Southern Health and Social Care Trust Area.

They are about Respect and the dignity of every person.

They are about Sustainability and stewardship of all our resources.

They are about Creativity and making things happen.

They are about Responsiveness through listening to all those who work with us.

To find out more and visit one of their cafes visit –

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