Sean Bruen – Kith & Kin Financial Wellbeing

What is Social Enterprise?
What is Social Enterprise?
Sean Bruen - Kith & Kin Financial Wellbeing

Kith and Kin established as a Social Enterprise in 2015. Since then, they’ve been working across communities in the United Kingdom to provide accessible Financial Advice and Support to a range of stakeholders.

Providing employers with an outsourced solution to improve workplace Financial Wellbeing. They create bespoke wellbeing sessions, helping people get Fiscally Fit, and develop financial resilience. Working with your HR Function or Senior Management, they review the composition of your workforce, shaping service delivery around the financial priorities of your different employee groups.

Thereafter, non-commission based Financial Advisors work to create solutions to your biggest Financial Wellbeing challenges. Delivering services across 4 main areas – membership, webinars, online modular training & 1-to-1 Financial Clinics.

In addition, they’ve established a new project Housing Matters. The 1st Social Enterprise Estate agency in N.I, part funded by Belfast City Council.

A Multi-Award winning social enterprise. Recognised as one of the top 100 Social Enterprises in the Uk in 2021 by Natwest and Pioneers Post & NatWest Top 100, having previously won a Trailblazer award in 2020.

Check out this video explainer, for more information –

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