NI Assembly Reform: Statement from our Chief Executive

Social Enterprise NI welcomes the announcement that the DUP has endorsed a deal to return to Stormont. Whilst there remains some uncertainty around the finer details, we would encourage everyone to ensure that the NI Assembly and Executive reform as soon as possible.

Although we have been constant in our Secretariat of the All Party Group, who have been a great support for our work over the period of no sitting Assembly, a large part of our role as the representative body for the social economy sector involves a close working relationship with Ministers and their officials, which has been built up over many years.

Like other business bodies we have been working on future policies to support the sector and will be engaging as soon as possible with the new Minister and Committees to bring forward proposals which will provide opportunities on how social enterprises can partner with other sectors to improve the NI economy. We look upon this as a fresh start and a real opportunity to highlight the growth of the social economy sector and how it can contribute to future economic growth.

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